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Ok, so it turns out that not every day is…

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Ok, so it turns out that not every day is a hard slog with two little munchkins, running as a solo parent.

On a rainy, windy and cold (17deg is cold for Byron) winter’s day, I snuck in a cracking little session in the water this morning (big ups to my family for the child minding) and came home quite rejuvenated.

Managed to evenly split my time between playing littlest pet shop with G in a cardboard dollhouse we (I) built and tickling Albi to near vomit between playschool and bananas in pyjamas.

Actually sat down and read while the kids played happily (yes happily) in the bath for nearly an hour.

Finished it off with snuggles on the couch watching The BFG, and as my two angels dose off into lala land, I sit here with a glass of red in hand, Jason Bourne queued and ready, a blanket at hand and the surf crashing in the distance.

Sometimes the good days sneak up on you just like the bad ones do. But these ones remind you what its all about…

Happy Saturday night y’all. Big love x

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