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A humble man

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I know I write often of the trials and tribulations of being a solo Dad and raising children. I tend to feel most inspired when the shit hits the fan or I am down and out with my lot in life.

Today my furry friend is not one of those days, yet I am inspired all the same.

At you know, I recently celebrated my 44th birthday. I didn’t know what to expect as the day drew near. Trepidation mixed with anticipation would seem an apt description. And true to my expectations, I rang in the big day with melancholy. Ruing the usual fanfare I had become accustomed to when Renee was around, I practically moped through the day. Thoughtful gifts from the kids and a lovely dinner and cake cooked by family still left me pout faced and sooky at I drifted of to sleep.

So this is it, I thought. This is the best that life has to offer. A few nice moments and a couple of trinkets to mark my one big day of the year.

What. A. Conceited. Bastard. (I now realise)

You see unbeknownst to me, and spearheaded by my empathetic 10yr girl, a plan was hatched that culminated in today. A day that I thought I knew about. A day I thought was just another feeble attempt at making up for what once was.

And I’m here now to unequivocally state how wrong I was; and happily so. (mark this day as this is a rare occurrence indeed ?)

Grace had spent the last two weeks scheming and planning a surprise birthday party. She had not only conscripted my family and close friends, but had done so right under my nose, all without divulging the details to her younger, and not so secret-keeping-able, brother.

She had made a cake complete with a surfing theme, decorated the house with streamers, organised various parties to bring food and drinks, and had even hidden bottles of beer around the house with clues on each as a treasure hunt for me.

It was all I could to not to break down in tears at the shear magnitude of what she managed to pull off to perfection. A 10 yr old. My moody, often bitchy, bossy, self absorbed and sometimes thoughtless baby girl has well and truly just put me in my place.

The last time I felt this way was when Renee surprised me with a trip to Uluru for my 40th birthday. She too went to amazing lengths to show me her love and appreciation. To give me an experience that I will never forget.

Just like today.

It seems that sometimes in life, just when you feel like you are shuffling along the bottom trenches of what life has to offer, something, or in my case someone, indeed some people, shine a light on your path and illuminate the surrounds to reveal just how beautiful your world really is.

Today as I drift off to sleep I am filled with gratitude and love. I am humbled to have my family and friends and realise I am truly blessed.

Thankyou ✌️

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