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Let’s do this together

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Let’s do this together

I get alot of messages from followers regarding my articles. Some are simple thanks for being able to identify with my words. Some are feelings of connection. Some are welcome advice. And some, if not most, are expressions of their own unique journey through parenthood and / or loss.

These messages fill me with hope and pride that I am helping others through my work. And they help me not feel so alone.

And I want you all to hear these stories too. I want you to feel hope and connection. My voice isn’t enough to share the depth and breadth of the trials we all face. I want everyone to feel less alone.


I ask you for your stories. Your journey, issues, concerns, tips and tricks, whatever. Anything that you think would help others understand or feel less alone in their struggles through parenthood and/or grief. Anything that may help others to be better parents and better people.

I have set up posts@justadad.me

If you feel so inclined, send me your stories. You can remain anonymous if you prefer or I can pop your name / link / pic / whatevs. Just make a note in your email.

Let’s share our journeys. Let’s share the experiences, positive or otherwise.

Let’s bridge the communication gap.


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