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A merry Suess-y Christmas.

by admin

Emotions run high
at this time of year,
Of family, of joy,
of loss and of fear.

Tis a time to come home,
To celebrate life,
To be with those dearest,
Parents, children; Husband, wife.

Yet there lies the anguish,
For many a soul,
Denied one or more,
Of these cherished to hold.

As I lay here with,
One of my very own,
My thoughts are with you,
The grieving, the lone.

I want you to know,
That you are loved, we are here.
The same, the similar,
The pained, we are near.

We are one you and I,
Gaurding hearts with a hole,
Wounds deeply etched,
In our eyes, in our soul.

Tomorrow we rise,
Another day on.
Futher forward,
Futher along.

Those we have lost
Would have it no other way,
So we go on, for them,
Each and every new day.

This is the reason,
The purpose we choose,
The love that we had,
We choose not to lose.

And although it can hurt
More at times like these,
We will always have,
That love to help ease.

So from me, from us all,
From those lost we hold dear,
We wish upon you
So much Christmas cheer.


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